The Compliance practice area of Bomchil is a pioneer in the field. Our firm has been actively participating in the spread and study of the matter with the direct involvement of many of its partners, for approximately 10 years, when the compliance area was not on the agenda of almost any company.


We offer expert advice in the development and application of best practices in the corporate area and business ethics, with an interdisciplinary and highly-qualified team, with experience both in the public as in the private sector. 

Our services in the compliance area include the following: board and internal investigations, public procurement, antitrust and competition, personal data protection, anti-corruption and anti-fraud policies, transparency programs, anti-money laundering programs, cases of conflict of interest, audits, trainings, contractual issues, drafting of guidelines and development and implementation of compliance comprehensive programs. We accompany the firms and their compliance officers (at a domestic or regional level, or from the headquarters) in their day-to-day duties and in the design and implementation of special programs or projects, providing advice in the legal and practical issues involved. 

Our professional staff has experts in corporate, antitrust, capital market, administrative law and tax areas. We stand out for having a deep knowledge in issues related to public procurement and relations with governments, at their different levels and decentralized bodies.