Foreign Trade

“The team is particularly well versed in antidumping matters and it also advises on import licences, trade restrictions and customs law.”

Legal 500 

We have advised importers and exporters on various issues of international trade, representing their interests in both judicial and administrative proceedings. We work in the areas of valuations, tax ratings, import licenses and trade restrictions, among others, for companies in such broad areas as sports equipment, biodiesel, construction, chemicals, tobacco and technology.

In particular we have experience in antidumping investigations, where we have advised exporters and producers in the following cases: pipe fittings, electric heaters, tape measures, chlorodifluoromethane, irons, suits and jackets, steel pipes, tiles and porcelain tiles from China; formulated flumetralin, tyres, dielectric converters, and acrylic fibers from Brazil and China; televisions, LCDs and plasmas from Brazil; processing and multi-processing machinery, spectacle frames and dishware from China and Germany; locks and chains from China and Peru; re-writable CDs from Paraguay; PET and irons from Taiwan; air conditioning units from China, Korea, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam; saw blades originating from Sweden; co-polimor polyo from the United States; and acrylonitrile rubber originating in Argentina (investigation undertaken in Brazil), among others.


Legal 500

Band 2 (International trade and customs)