ESG: Sustainable Business / Impact Economy

At Bomchil, we believe in a paradigm shift where environmental care, social impact and governance are essential to achieve sustainable development.


We believe that we are relevant actors to accompany our clients in the processes of change required by the 2030 Agenda for sustainable development. In this connection, we can collaborate with our clients and different organizations regarding how to create long-term value.


We boost the introduction of new business models and impact financing instruments.


We acknowledge that incorporating ESG principles in companies and organizations is increasingly valued and required by their clients, employees, partners and the community. Also, we notice that more investors and financial entities will consider such situation as essential to define their guidance in future projects.


We assist our clients in:


·         Conducting due diligence on environmental, social, and governance matters in the context of mergers and acquisitions


·         ESG compliance, understanding the decision-making process in different organizations and their value and supply chains


·         The implementation of corporate governance principles in companies


·         Legal analysis of responsible, sustainable, and impact investments


·         Structuring transactions that comply with ESG standards and principles (including green, social, and sustainable bonds, and sustainability-linked bonds)


·         Management of environmental disputes and litigation, both individual and collective, and in environmental administrative proceedings.


We provide advice on environmental matters to obtain authorizations and permits to operate, conduct environmental and social impact assessments and obtain environmental licenses, as well as carry out legal audits and, when necessary, help our clients to explain, implement and defend their environmental policies and actions.


We have acquired significant experience in addressing problems related to the appropriate management of urban, industrial, pathogenic, and hazardous waste, which results in a significant positive social impact and contribution to contain the accumulation of greenhouse gases.


We support the responsible practice of mining, hydrocarbon, and electricity (traditional and renewable energy) industries, assisting our clients in their relationship with individuals, communities and authorities interested in their projects.


Regarding labor matters, we assist our clients in expanding and implementing inclusive and sustainable employment policies.


We participate with our clients in the implementation of corporate governance in companies. We advise them on the composition, selection, and integration of boards of directors, the implementation of stock option plans, the adoption of codes of ethics and conduct and the inclusion of compensation committees for directors and managers in the corporate structure and regulation of its operation. 

We have a team of professionals trained to collaborate with our clients in the decision-making processes of a subject that will dominate the agenda in the near future.